Flush Casement

Our OW-70 range offers the thinnest sightlines for more natural light and less window profile.

Ultra-slim sightlines of 65mm from sash to frame

Slimline Flush Casement 0W80

However, the OW-80 range offers more configurations, large sizes and offers more customisation options.

Ultra-slim sightlines of 65mm from sash to frame

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Aluminium Windows

Modernising the design of traditional 19th Century timber windows, Origin have created a highly durable and blissfully functional solution which is perfect for the 21st Century.

With unrivalled good looks, security and thermal performance, the Origin Window also offers the added benefits of being maintenance free and manufactured from a premium grade aluminium for long-term reliability.

Smart and clean in appearance, the sash sits neatly inside the window frame, creating an industry-first internal and external flush casement.

With no overlapping frames, often synonymous with windows, the flush casement comes together to create a truly timeless finish. All that remains is a sleek shadow line where the sash meets the frame.


Every Origin Window faces rigorous quality testing at each stage of the manufacturing process at the Buckinghamshire based factory.


As a family run business we
pride ourselves on working
with our customers to create their vision for their home. 

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